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Thursday, September 16, 2010

Day 152: California's Attorney General's Race

Okay I know you are all going crazy with the abundance of political ads airing now for California's Governor's race and the Senate race. Lots of money being spent by all the candidates, whether by them personally like Meg Whitman and Carly Fiorina, or by independent groups such as unions and organizations who are bankrolling ads for Jerry Brown and Barbara Boxer.

But one race equally important to California is the Attorney General race. You say what? You didn't know there was a race for this office! Well, Jerry Brown, our current AG is running for Governor and will be vacating the top gun's spot for California. Do you know who the two candidates are running for this top legal and law enforcement position in the state of California? You should, as this person dictates a lot in your life!

I am supporting San Fransisco District Attorney Kamala Harris. I had the chance to finally meet this woman who I had heard so much about. I attended an event in her honor this week and wow I was dazzled and quite smitten when I left.

There were so many stories she shared that motivated me to support her, but one really stood out. As my children returned to school this week in Los Angeles along with some 700,000 other students, attendance is a priority for teachers, principals, and administrators. These education leaders recognize that attendance is paramount to receiving a quality education. All students should be going to class daily, but they don't. Truancy is an enormous issue in LA and throughout the state. Statistics prove that truant children have a lower graduation rate then those students who attend school regularly, and truant students are more inclined to dabble in illegal behavior while skipping classes.

And then once those students fail to graduate, their job prospects are slim to nothing making a life of crime more attractive. There is a direct correlation between education and crime. Truancy, a very serious issue that has grave consequences for our future should not be taken lightly. Ms. Harris authored legislation that makes parents accountable for their children. If your kid is truant you will be fined or arrested.

Right on is what I say! Of course there are many circumstances that lead to a child's absence, but she took a bold move to make parents accountable. Thank goodness. This is the kind of leadership we need. She absolutely has my vote in November. I hope you will consider joining me and cast your vote for this terrific leader! To learn more about this very accomplished and talented woman visit


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