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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Day 136: The Test Kitchen

Went to a FABULOUS new joint in the 'hood tonight with the family. We met family friends -- The Ross Family -- at a new Hot Spot right here in Beverlywood, called the TEST KITCHEN. Wow, what a treat!

The location holds special memories for me... it's the sight of the old Orsini's, which was my neighborhood "Cheers" hangout where Igor always greeted me warmly and took care of me. From healthy poured drinks and specially prepared meals for the boys, to my campaign election night party, to Brian's 40th Birthday party, lots of memories made in that venue. I loved that the new owners kept the beautiful wood bar... brought a smile to my face as I sipped my vodka martini.

The concept for the Test Kitchen is such: Each week or there about a new celebrity chef is invited in to the kitchen to prepare a 6 or 7 course meal for guests. As the chef rotates so does the menu and type of fare. Tonight we were treated to a delicious meal prepared by famed chef Neil Fraser (formerly of GRACE in Los Angeles).

It was a scrumptious meal ... the adults and the teenagers gobbled every bit of the meal up! It is a set menu and price, not inexpensive so it is a treat, but not over the top like many restaurants in Los Angeles. To learn more you can either visit The Daily Candy link: or

The Test Kitchen is downstairs, while the upstairs space is being built out for a famous Peruvian chef and should be completed in two months. The third level will house a speak-easy! I can't wait!

I do not believe you or your family will be disappointed by the ambiance, the food or the lovely new French owner, Stephan. Bon Appetite my friends!


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