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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Day 129: 11 Miles

Oh my gosh just when you think the pain can't be any worse! Ouch! Well, up until about mile 6 or 7 everything was great, I was cruising along. Good pace, feeling great.

Then the burning sensation on the bottom of my feet started to kick in. And then those nasty blisters. By mile 9 I could feel something terribly wrong with my left foot where the blisters had been such an issue. Even with Moleskin applied (an adhesive applied to reduce runner's blisters, looks like a band-aid) I removed my shoes and saw the damage. Not only regular blisters but a huge blood blister. Very painful. Very sore.

I was also experiencing terrible chafing as I bought a running skirt to try running in instead of my running leggings. It didn't work for me and I have rashes in between my thighs -- you know where the flubber rubs together --- really pretty image isn't it! Anyway I think I'll stick to my running leggings!

But despite these issues, I made the 11 miles! Of course I thought I might collapse, but I didn't. Had a very hard time recovering this afternoon, but after sitting on ice (which I am doing as I write this post), I'm slowly starting to feel better.

Funny thing is, my body feels pretty damn good for taking a pounding like that. Yes the usual lower back and nerve pain, the burning on the soles of my feet, the rashes betwee my legs, and of course the blisters, but my heart never gave out, my breathing was very good throughout the run and it wasn't a tired feeling I had at all, it was a pain issue.

So with the Disneyland Half Marathon coming up in two weeks my mission is to address the blisters issue. Might require purchasing new wider running shoes, applying more Dr. Scholl's Moleskin , not really sure.

I am having anxiety about the race though. I was hurtin' as we completed 11 miles and I was thinking how the heck will I be able to run two more miles to the finish line? Hopefully adrenaline and the excitement of the Disneyland venue will carry me those last two miles. I certainly hope so!

Mickey & Minnie I hope you'll have a lot of energy for me come race day!


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