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Saturday, August 7, 2010

Day 111: Supportive Fathers

Lots of activity on the No on 8 issue here in California. Why can't people love who they want? Never quite understood why people are up in arms that gay and lesbian couples want to marry! I say let them have all the joys of marriage (ha ha). I mean seriously the rights afforded to a married couple, should also be extended to those that love one another and want to commit on that level.

An old high school buddy of mine named Sylvia has been in a relationship for years with her partner. Her parents have been in a 54 year marriage committed to each other. Here was her father's Letter to the Editor published in the Los Angeles Times. I found it so fabulous that I want to make it today's post:

After 54 years of marriage to the same woman, I must be near the top of the list of people who have credentials to talk about this subject. I don't want to hear anyone who has not been married for at least half a century to the same person to talk about how sacred or meaningful the institution of marriage is. That would reduce the noise level to a whisper.

I am particularly offended by the idea that if two people who happen to be the same sex are in love and want to make a commitment to each other, that they will destroy the nature of marriage.

Marriage is more likely to be diminished by the Bristol Palin/Levi Johnston marriage comedy.

I see no evidence that the politicians and crusaders have done anything to alter the 50% failure rate of American marriages.

It is time to change the subject and let people make their own decisions.


While I haven't made it 54 years yet, I have been married for 23 years to the same person. I couldn't agree more with Charles and his opinion. Everybody calm down and let's allow more folks into the club!


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