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Thursday, August 5, 2010

Day 109: True Women's Empowerment

I can't control my excitement! Congratulations to Elena Kagan for winning the nomination to be our next Supreme Court Justice!

Wow. A Jewish gal from New York goin' all the way to the highest court of the land. You rock it sister and you make me so proud!

For the first time in history the Supreme Court will have 3 women justices. Thank you President Obama for nominating two of these accomplished women.

No doubt the dialogue in the court chambers will shift as the influence of a "women's perspective" will be contributed to the conversation. And this is a very good thing for all who come before the court.

I also love that Ms. Kagan is 50 years old! So young!

As this Blog is showing as I chronicle my days from 49 to 50 years old, life continues to be plentiful and magical at this ripe and seasoned age.

Kagan will be sworn in on Saturday and join two other equally accomplished and remarkable women on the Court. A great day for American History and especially for women's accomplishments.


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