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Saturday, July 24, 2010

Day 97: I'm Cleared

Pop the champagne and take a big sigh of relief as I did when an official, manila envelope, stamped with CONFIDENTIAL all over, arrived on my doorstep today!

The Los Angeles City Ethics Department has completed their audit of my 2009 City Council Campaign, and no irregularities were found!

The official wording read ...

Audit Findings: Audit findings describe instances where auditors concluded that a committee failed to comply with State and City law. The Committee did not have any findings that auditors concluded were material.

Thank goodness! As I have written in previous posts on this Blog, running for public office is no easy task, especially in Los Angeles. And you can see why more people don't put themselves through the scrutiny and abuse. Having all this campaign financial material reopened and examined some 15 months after the March 2009 Election was dreadful. Having to contact folks who made contributions in good faith some two years ago to determine if the contribution was within the legal contribution rules, was a pain in every one's behind!

But it is official now, I have been cleared and it will be recorded in the City binders that the Friends of Robyn Ritter Simon campaign abided by all the rules established for fair political campaigning!

Finally, this chapter of the campaign can be put to bed!


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