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Sunday, July 18, 2010

Day 91: ReConnecting

There's something very comforting about being in the company of people who share a history with you. That's why I treasure long lasting friendships.

During my campaign I had many highs and equally as many lows. The wounds are still raw for being let down by certain people that I expected more from while the joys from the wonderful people I met during the campaign and people I reconnected with continue to be my fondest campaign memories.

One such special encounter was when I attended a candidate's forum in Encino. What a surprise I had when a woman tapped me on the shoulder and when I turned around there stood a childhood friend who I had not seen in years. We lost track of one another not because anything had happened other than time and life. When I saw her my heart filled up with happiness that after all these years she cared enough to attend the event to support me.

This friend was Caren Horowitz Kaplow. She and my big sister Michele and I were like sisters growing up. Our Mom was like a Mom to her. We shared some wild times in High School and beyond. Her and Michele were roommates during college and we shared all our Holidays together. Many years had gone by. We have all gotten married, had children and created very full lives. Ever since this encounter we have picked up where we left off. Funny how you are able to do this with people you share a history and bond with.

Since our reconnection we have been making up for lost time by spending time together with our families, playing Rummicub and laughing a lot.
The story even gets better as Caren has also reconnected with an old High School romance, Terence Duffy, and the two of them are now an "item". We all grew up together and can't believe the turn of events in our lives ... As they say what goes around, comes around.

Pictured here are Terence & Caren. Two beautiful smiling faces.

I am grateful for old friendships and thankful that despite all the bumps in the road we have all had to travel we are back in each other's life!


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