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Friday, July 16, 2010

Day 89: Spinning The Salad

Another Real Housewives story to report. Gal pal Jill brought me a gift today. A Salad Spinner! Oh the little things that make us so happy. When we were in Bass Lake cooking together I commented on how I don't like wilted lettuce, I mean really who does... and she responded... "you don't have a salad spinner?" These are the conversations real housewives have with one another.

So today I was so excited when she delivered to me a shiny new salad spinner! Real Housewives do this for one another. They don't turn tables over, or back stab their best girlfriends or talk smack about the people they love. They buy each other simple pleasures like a salad spinner.

Sometimes the simplest pleasures can contribute to us being the happiest. It doesn't always have to be a sparkling piece of jewelery, or a luxury vacation, but a simple product or gesture that enriches our daily life and truly puts a smile on our face. I love making a crunchy yummy salad and there is nothing worse then when the lettuce is soggy from too much water from washing!
So this weekend when I make a big crunchy salad for family & guests I will smile knowing that my fellow housewife knows how to make me happy with a simple salad spinner!


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