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Friday, June 25, 2010

Day 67: A Mom's Son Murdered

I read a distributing and sad article in the Los Angeles Times this morning, and then I learned I know the mother of the victim. My heart sunk and I felt disgusting. I have never known a person whose child was murdered. Thank goodness, right. I mean we live in one of the highest crime rate cities in America and everyday there is another mother weeping over the casket of her beloved child. Senseless murders due to gang violence, domestic violence, or in this case being in the wrong place at the wrong time. It makes you sick to hear.

But to read an article about a Marijuana Dispensary robbery where allegedly gunmen entered the store and shot the employees, and to learn later in the day that one of the victims is the son of a prominent woman labor leader here in Los Angeles, and someone I know, has really rocked me to the core.

I met Julie Butcher years ago when I was employed at the LA Area Chamber of Commerce. She was a union organizer. Over the years our lives would intersect often through our mutual involvement with politics. Most recently when I ran for City Council I remember having lunch with Julie and we would always talk about our boys. She had two sons, me three. She was a proud Mama, just like me. And now her son Matt, is gone. I'm sick even writing this post thinking of how her heart must be shattered into tiny pieces.

Matt Butcher was an employee at a legal dispensary in Echo Park. On Thursday afternoon gunmen entered the store and shot the two employees, one being Matt. Just like that. What for? Money? For pot? What could possibly be worth shooting two young people over? Nothing is.

I just can't imagine how a family regroups after the loss of their child. I think of all the Mama's who have lost their loved ones to violence. I just can't imagine what today is like for Julie, her husband and their other son.

If you are reading this post, and you have children, squeeze them tight, hug them, tell them you love them. If they are alive and healthy you are blessed. I send the Butcher family abundant blessings during this most treacherous and painful time.


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