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Thursday, June 17, 2010

Day 59: Karaoke Birthday

So one of the Ritter-Simon-Bernstein-Yousem-Sherman-Altshuler* sisters turned 50 and to celebrate we surprised her and took her to a Karaoke bar.

Okay before you say, "what, the spa wasn't available?", let me explain. Linda Sherman LOVES to karaoke. She is not a drinking woman, or much of a party girl, but she loves to sing in front of strangers. Go figure! So we rounded up some pals and went to the Backstage Bar & Karaoke in Culver City. If you have never visited this hot spot, you have got to check it out! While at first I thought we'd be the oldest folks in the joint, as the evening went on I was relieved to see that other mature patrons had also joined us! Pictured above are some of us making fools of ourselves while belting out an oldie but goodie song!

What happens to people when they are given a microphone and loud music is playing is truly frightening! I mean we are grown adult women with big jobs & families, and there we were on a Friday night acting like wild women! It was great. Linda had the best time celebrating and doing what she loves to do! Now before you feel sorry for her that this is how she spent her big 5-0 let me assure you it wasn't the only celebration she had! She took her beautiful son Ethan (my nephew profiled in my Blog on May 20 for his magnificent art) to Florida to ride the largest roller coasters in the US, and is taking a major cruise vacation over the summer with her family to mark the milestone birthday. So this was just one night of fun for her!

Maybe I should reevaluate my running a marathon for my 50! It would be so much more fun to drink and sing in a dive bar. Well I'm sure I'll do that too, after I run the race!

Watching us laugh and let lose was so refreshing. With all our cooker pressure jobs, commitments and responsibilities it was so enjoyable to just belt out some of our favorite tunes while celebrating one of our favorites gals -- Lovely Linda!

And in true Hollywood fashion our server was the most darling aspiring actress Kendra Montagna pictured here. If anyone reading this Blog needs a full throttle energy kick ass kind of gal for something you are producing please consider Kendra. She was absolutely charming and personable with good old fashion Indiana roots. So please hire her!

One of the best parts of the evening was watching Linda blow out her birthday candles while making her 50 wishes ... and with a drink in her hand, even though she doesn't drink! This was one happy woman!

Again it makes me ask the question about letting lose and why we don't do it more often, and why when we do do it, it feels so good! Happy Birthday sister Linda, may the next 50 years make all your wishes come true! You deserve it!

*Refers to all the beautiful women in my family who may not share the same last name, but share a sisterly bond :)


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