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Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Day 43: Health Updates

Thank you to all the readers who have asked how my big sis Michele is doing! You followers are really the best. Here's the update.

Michele is much better, thank goodness and after her last MRI she received a clean bill of health for her neck. This being said though, the mystery continues as none of the doctors on her medical team have been able to figure out what caused the initial injury to her neck or the large mass. With heavy antibiotics the mass has evaporated and she has total mobility of her neck, all good signs of healing. But we are still questioning how the mass got there in the first place, and has it truly been healed? The mystery continues and I will keep you posted.

Next up, thank you for your concerns about my health as well. If you are a regular reader of my Blog, then you undoubtedly know that on Sunday Brian and I ran a 10k race (that's 6.2 miles). Not too shabby for a girl with severe nerve pain and a hole in her stomach caused by an ulcer!

I feel much better now that I am on some medication, but am not really 100 percent. I have a nagging, constant soreness in my stomach... I'm hoping that the hole will close with continued medication. But for those of you who know me, I am not a medicine taker. Never have been.

But as you can see from the fun photo to the right, none of our ailments keep Michele or I from partying with the girls, or from running in races, or going to work, or caring for children, or cooking, cleaning, flossing, shopping, or blogging ... we are like ox, nothing keeps us down!

Strong women, that's the only way to be!


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