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Saturday, May 29, 2010

Day 40: The New York Gals Made Me Laugh

Sometimes we all need a good laugh! I know I sure needed to laugh last night after a full week. Went with the girls to see Sex and the City 2. Laughed my head off. The movie has been panned ... not sure why. The point of the movie is nothing but to make you laugh, view fabulous fashion and for two hours imagine being in a country that is so far away that many of us will never go there. And to me it did all that.

I never watched SATC when it was on TV. People are always surprised when I tell them that ... you never watched the show? ... they exclaim! No. It aired during a time in my life when our boys were young, I was working long hours as an executive, I was serving as a city planning commissioner and oh yeah, running for public office. So watching TV was a luxury I just didn't have.

I didn't even see the original movie until this year on my 49th Birthday when I was visiting the kid sister in New York. How appropriate, huh? She bought me the video (so did gal pal Lisa which I thought was so funny that they both bought me the DVD). In any event we watched it on my actual birthday in New York while sipping champagne. Can't get much better then that! I felt like I finally got to know these New York gals and learn about their characters. They are fun girls with great style and lots of disposable income. And a few who are having great sex!

So I laughed and just enjoyed for two hours plus. I didn't have to think about a story plot, or figure out the who done it. I just got to sit and look at great clothes and pretty people.

In a world where we are bombarded with images of destruction, death & sadness it was a relief to just see pretty images. My heart is aching for the destruction caused to our environment due to the oil spill in Louisiana and the devastation caused to an entire region and industry. I think we are all still so saddened by the absolute collapse of a country with the Haiti earthquake and the unmeasurable sadness of the young girls who have recently been murdered by monsters. So yeah, it was comforting to sit and laugh and forget about it all.

They say laughter is one of the best remedies for illness or sadness. While I'm not a doctor, I agree wholeheartedly. Laughter feels good. When you smile & laugh you are in a better mood, at least I am. It's an expression that we all need to experience and a good laugh daily has got to be the best gift we can give ourselves.

So treat yourself today to a gift of laughter by checking out the movie or find something else today that makes you happy and go for it. I'm smiling just thinking of you all smiling.


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