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Thursday, May 27, 2010

Day 38: Supporting My Buddy Bloggers

Thank you to all who responded to my invitation to join my Birthday Blog as a follower! Several of you have asked why it's so important to join. At the end of my year long journey, I'd like to share my daily posts with many more readers in the form of a book. The more followers I have the stronger my argument is for a book deal. Followers are the only measurement tool to determine the success of readership. So if you like what you read with my postings, please share with your friends and encourage them to join!

Since I began my daily blogging journey -- just on April 17 -- I have learned of several friends who are also blogging important matters of their heart. Some are political, some our mechanisms to vent, and others are more serious about a chosen profession. All are good reads. I invite you to check out their writings and if the content fancies you, please support their journey by signing up as a follower.

Evelyn Jerome is a political friend who shares her intelligent thoughts at the following blog:

Emilie Grosvenor is a young (I mean young as in 22) year old fabulous red head & mom who blogs about things that piss her off, check it out:

Robin Sax is a colleague I have profiled before in my writings. She has a Blog committed to her work in the criminal justice arena.

I have always sought out and supported women business entrepreneurs by buying their products and services, supporting their political ambitions, and promoting their businesses. For me encouraging women to have a voice in print is no different. Blogging has created a forum for women to put their raw emotions out to readers, to share injustices they believe are happening or to tell anecdotal stories that make us laugh, smile or cry. I applaud my fellow women bloggers and invite you to share with me other blogs you may frequent. As time permits I'll do my best to promote their words as well.

Happy reading my friends!

PS: A quick correction. Yesterday I wrote about how happy I am that my sons will be participating in a camp this summer for underprivileged youth. The program is Camp Harmony under the parent group of United in Harmony. I listed the incorrect website. I really want you all to research this group and consider getting your children involved and or you yourself participating. So here's the correct web address:


Mimi G. said...

I am visiting the blogs you wrote about now! thank you for the shout out :P So far I think a year in the life of Robyn is awesome. I can't wait to read your next post. I think I found a new role model...xo <3

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