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Saturday, May 22, 2010

Day 32 & 33: Holly Visits My Synagogue

I have not attended Friday Shabbat Services in a long time. Tonight I did. I invited my friend Holly J. Mitchell (pictured left) to join me for services. Holly is a candidate for the 47th Assembly District. That's my community and also Temple Isaiah's so I wanted her to meet the congregants.

I have never been more proud to be a member of Temple Isaiah as I was tonight. Here's why. From the moment we walked into the synagogue we were greeted with warmth a
nd hugs and "it's so good to see you" comments. Holly was thanked for making Isaiah one of her campaign destinations. I was grateful for the respect my fellow members gave to my guest. Temple Isaiah has a long & rich political action agenda and this is one of the reasons we joined as a family 17 years ago.

The service was rich with music and prayer and of course listening to Rabbi Zoe Klein speak is a treat within itself. Her magical way of using descriptive words to illustrate a point about God or faith or justice is an art. She is truly a gifted orator.

Cantor Evan Kent's voice fills the room and gives me goose bumps. You can't help but feel wrapped in love when he sings. And his special tribute to slain gay activist & elected official, Harvey Milk (pictured left) was powerful and painful. Milk was an inspiration to me, not only for his relentless belief that all people, including gays & lesbians, be part of the political structure, but also because he ran for office 4 times. He did not win until his 4th race. He never gave up. I remember the day he and Mayor George Moscone were gunned down by a former colleague. Truly a loss and a painful part of our history.

When we think of history and how we have mistreated people for the color of their skin or their sexual preferences, I am embarrassed. But tonight I was proud that I sat among people who shared my belief that all people should be accepted regardless of their ethnicity, religion, color, or choice of partner.

The service was made even more special because the 2010 Confirmation Class of students were graduating and we heard 8 teenagers talk about why Judaism and their faith are so important to them. I was moved to tears as I listened to these young adults, several who I have known since they were babies, talk about their ideas for a better world and a brighter future. It was so refreshing and inspiring to hear young people talk with such passion about the world they want. I was so proud that Holly had joined me this particular night and that she could hear and see what a beautiful community Temple Isaiah is.

I was so happy that Holly was fed spiritual nourishment as she battles the next two weeks for a victory. I know all too well how difficult and emotional campaigning can be and if we can find a little peace in the words of our clergy leaders then maybe we will have the extra energy to be even better campaigners. I hope Holly gained strength from the words shared tonight.

The election is June 8th and I invite you to learn more about Holly and her issues. You can visit her website at We need political leaders like Holly & Harvey, and we need spiritual leaders like Rabbi Zoe, Rabbi Rick and Cantor Even.


Anonymous said...

I had fun spending time with you and Holly at Shabbat services! The Temple Isaiah community is amazing! I too was deeply inspired by the evening ... Thank you for inviting me to join! -Rebecca

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